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Which Roomba to Choose?

In this article we will tell you, dear buyers, how to choose the most suitable model from the robot manufacturer of vacuum cleaners from iRobot. There are a lot of models, there are a lot of reviews, it’s not clear what to choose for your specific needs. Yes, and often do not want to climb on the forums and read hundreds of pages of positive and negative reviews. We will try to make a small examination within the framework of this article and propose a purchase option that best meets your needs.

About iRobot brand

All robotic vacuum cleaners that are officially sold in Russia are made in China. Yes, it is at the plant in China. And do not believe the sellers who claim that it’s a pure American. By the way, your favorite iPhone is also made in China. How, you did not know ?! Then take a closer look at the inscriptions. Design – USA, manufactured in China. But you still continue to use it and argue that the quality of production at altitude. It’s the same with iRobot. If we compare the quality of manufacture, hull, materials with other Chinese vacuum cleaners, then we can safely say that it is at a good level. But purely Chinese robotic vacuum cleaners do not spoil the level of production and break even more often.

The head office of the company is in the USA. One of the company’s activities is the development of military robots for the government. iRobot first came to the Russian market, began to actively promote their products: advertising in the subway, billboards, magazines and the Internet. That’s why many people think that it’s better not to buy anything other than iRobot. It is a myth. There are other excellent and more advanced (especially in terms of brains) robots, vacuum cleaners. But they are not advertised as actively as the American brand. Among the good competitors: Korean iClebo Arte, American Neato (which in the US actively competes with iRobot), Samsung and LG.

But let’s go back to iRobot. The company has been developing service robots for many years: vacuum cleaners, robots for pool cleaning, robots for cleaning gutters. The newest models of the 600th and 700th series have not only a decent design, but also a relatively low noise level, good equipment and 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. Since October 2012, the 500 series models have ceased to be sold on the Russian market. Now it’s easier to choose a vacuum cleaner for your needs. In fact, there are two options: to buy Roomba 600th series or Roomba 700 series. In one series, vacuum cleaners have approximately the same technical characteristics. The main difference is only in the configuration. Let’s consider separately each of vacuum cleaners.

Robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba 760

iRobot Roomba 760 is a more serious model than the previous two. It not only can remove a large area on one battery charge, but also has a good bundle, including a remote control, 2 additional filters, one virtual wall. Looking ahead, it is worth noting the main and important difference from the next model (Roomba 770). Roomba 760 does not have a container fill sensor. In practice, this means that you will not be able to determine when the container is full and need to be emptied. If you do not keep track of time, the power and quality of the cleaning will deteriorate.

Intelligent cleaning system and optimal battery power consumption iAdapt, allows you to spend less time cleaning than previous models of the 500th series. According to the manufacturer, as well as according to customers, the battery life is increased to 30-50%. Previously, many customers complained that the battery of the Roomba vacuum cleaner lasts less than 1 year of use. Such problems usually do not arise in robotic vacuum cleaners using a lithium-ion battery.

In the Roomba 760 model, a system for determining contaminated sites is used. Unlike more advanced models, in this one there is no sensor for optical detection of contamination. Only acoustic sensors for detecting dust are used. They are located between bristled and rubber brushes. The filter does not allow dust to escape from the dust collector. At the end of 2013, this model was removed from production and there will be no more on the market. All the fault is low sales.

For whom will it suit?

Roomba 760 – representative of the 7th series of vacuum cleaners, is a fairly serious device for cleaning middle rooms and apartments. Cope with cleaning 2 rooms. He probably could have removed 3 rooms on one charge, but the absence of coordinator beacons in the kit is a sure sign that you should not experiment with this model in large areas and in rooms with a complex layout of rooms. The package is quite good, but not as rich as the more expensive models. The vacuum cleaner can be used in the presence of pets.

Robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba 770

The next model of the company’s assortment is Roomba 770. Interesting design, black color of the case and high quality of plastic (which, however, is scratched) indicate the series belongs to higher-level devices. Roomba 770 removes up to 70 squares on one charge of a nickel-metal hydride battery. The kit includes a remote control for controlling the robot, two additional filters, a virtual wall. The kit is the same as the 760.

The iRobot Roomba 770 uses not only optical but also acoustic sensors to detect large and small particles of dirt. The sensors are located under the brushes on the body of the vacuum cleaner. When a robot passes through all the sites, it can return to the places that it believes can remain contaminated. This information is obtained through dust sensors.

Like all younger models, Roomba 770 will never fall from the stairs, slow down before the obstacle, will determine the location of the base in automatic mode. If necessary, you can clean in a restricted area with a diameter of 1 meter in Spot mode. You can select the mode both with the buttons on the case and on the control panel. A robotic vacuum cleaner can be started daily for cleaning the entire house in your absence. It is enough to program it for cleaning. We recommend that you still try to keep a minimum of things on the floor. He can easily get entangled in the wires, as well as get stuck under a sofa or drive up to a height difference and not leave. It is best to find such places in the first cleaning.

The model was withdrawn from production in late 2013 due to low sales. The current model Roomba 780. It is worth considering, because it is the beacon coordinators. Without them, Rumba is completely lost in large rooms and may not find a base.

For whom will it suit?

This model is slightly improved analogue model Roomba 760, which means that the robot vacuum cleaner is also suitable for cleaning apartments with 2 rooms and in some cases, with complex structures of the room, it can get confused and not return to the base from the back room. If the aisles are free everywhere and the corridor is spacious, there should not be any problems with the installation on the base for automatic recharging.

Robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba 780

Its relatively high price, the iRobot Roomba 780 robot cleaner can justify a rich bundle, which includes not only additional filters, a remote control, but also 2 coordinator-lights (which can also work in virtual walls mode) and additional brushes.

Especially not having differences from the Roomba 770 model, it is worthwhile to dwell in more detail on what the coordinator of the movement is. The fact is that a robotic vacuum cleaner that does not use external navigation (like, for example, iClebo Arte or Neato), will not always be able to find the base for recharging in a large room. The robot searches the base for an invisible beam that emits the device. Having visited another room, there will be no line of sight with the beam, and the vacuum cleaner can simply stay the night in the room until it is manually transferred to the docking station. How to be? iRobot has found an outlet in the use of coordinator beacons that indicate to the robot where to go further to return to the docking station. The number of beacons is calculated by the formula n-1, where n is the number of rooms. Thus, if you want to remove 4 rooms at a time, even the Roomba 780 may not be able to cope with the task. In other cases, problems should not arise. Cons of this approach – the robot does not completely clean next to the beacons. Their rays do not allow the robot to drive closer. And also the lighthouse basically just closes the vacuum cleaner for a while in the room, in the very same room the robot continues to move chaotically.

Due to the fact that Roomba 780 spends time searching for a base less when the battery is discharged, it can work longer and remove up to 80-90 square meters on one charge.

For whom will it suit?

What is the Roomba 780 model? This is the same as the Roomba 760 and 770, but plus additional accessories and beacons coordinators. If you can still argue about the accessories on the subject of their need, the coordinators will play a significant positive role when cleaning the robot in rooms from 60 square meters. The robot in most cases can find the base even from the far third room, because the coordinators will help him in this difficult matter. Whether it is necessary to overpay for such function – to solve to you. But with us, as well as numerous customer testimonials, we recommend still using coordinators for cleaning large rooms.

So which model of the robot vacuum cleaner should I choose?

If you want to take exactly the vacuum cleaner company iRobot, then your choice is essentially narrowed to two models. Either you take the 600th series, or 700th. The first removes 1-2 rooms on one battery charge, the second – 2-3 rooms, depending on the presence of coordinators-beacons.

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