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Vacuum cleaner from pet hair which one to choose

What kind of vacuum cleaner is better for cleaning animal hair?

Owners often have to think about what kind of vacuum cleaner is better for harvesting animal wool to buy in the store. Modern vacuum cleaners are manufactured taking into account all the latest requirements, so today in stores you can find super-power units and models with different nozzles for each type of cleaning. Interesting for many buyers are vacuum cleaners-robots and washing options.

vacuum cleaner and dog


What should be taken into account by those in whose houses fluffy friends live, from which the wool remains? The vacuum cleaner in the kit should have additional attachments. In the package, manufacturers can include:

  • a nozzle for floor and carpet;
  • mechanical turbo-brush;
  • electric turbo-brush;
  • special silicone nozzle;
  • nozzle-puncher.


What useful functions should a vacuum cleaner be provided with?

What kind of vacuum cleaner is most suitable for cleaning pet hair? It is necessary to understand that the device is needed not only for this purpose, so it is worth paying attention to the following parameters:

  1. Dry, wet and combined cleaning are options for selection. With the cleaning of wool, a vacuum cleaner with a dust bag will do its best, while a container version slightly more collects small mote. The leading position today is occupied by vacuum cleaners with aquafilters, as they perfectly cope with the cleaning and moisturize the air well. Their only drawback is the inability to apply when cleaning parquet or carpet from natural wool.
  2. The more the vacuum cleaner has the suction power, the better it will clean the dirt. If the house has a lot of wool from pets, then it should be at least 350 W -400 W. The indicator can be indicated on the body or on the brush. It is best to give preference to those models whose power is indicated on the brush.
  3. A good filtration system is an important point when choosing a vacuum cleaner. If the unit is not equipped with reliable filters, then there is a possibility that the dust and wool absorbed back into the room. The filtration system should consist of a filter on the container and motor (to protect the motor from overheating), a fine filter that will detain the minute dust particles.
  4. In the kit there is usually a standard set of brushes. Manufacturers include a carpet, floor, slit-tube nozzle and a furniture cleaning brush. Those who have cats or dogs living in the house should pay special attention to such a model as a vacuum cleaner for cleaning wool with a turbo brush. It has a built-in rotating roller, which cleans up even in the most difficult cases, where a simple brush can not cope. Practically everyone knows about how the vacuum cleaner works for cleaning wool with a turbo brush.
  5. Powerful vacuum cleaners have an impressive weight and dimensions. It is worth considering and the material from which all parts and elements of the vacuum cleaner are made. We must see in advance what the tube is made of. If it is made of plastic, then you need to consider how strong it is. To do this, you can ask the seller-consultant to demonstrate the quality of the product visually.

Is the robot cleaner for wool cleaning

robot vacuum cleaner and dog

All today’s robotic vacuum cleaners can differ in their functionality. If the buyer has the task of cleaning an apartment or house from the fur of domestic animals, then this condition is best to sound when buying, since a simple option may be completely useless, most likely, you will need a washing model. Conventional models will differ in noise and duration of harvesting. On the room, the robot will need to spend 1 hour of work. It should be noted that for a long time you will have to remain in the noise.

Do not forget that some cats may completely inadequately perceive such an aggregate. For some it may seem harmless and quite amusing, but most of the furry pets will be stressed by the prolonged noise emanating from the object moving in different directions. As practice shows, over time, animals become accustomed to the robot vacuum cleaner and practically do not pay attention to it.


If the choice is made in favor of such a modern appliance for cleaning, it is necessary to take into account its size and dimensions, since it will have to fall freely under furniture in the house. Some models can be equipped with special horns, which will be designed to prevent the jamming of the vacuum cleaner (for more details on how the device functions, see the article on how the robots work in vacuum cleaners).

Buying a robot cleaner, it is important to know the following points:

  • The modern unit has a round shape, it will not be possible to clean the corners.
  • It is impossible that during the operation of such a vacuum cleaner, water is spread over the floor – this will lead to a breakdown of the unit.
  • The vacuum cleaner-robot will need to be cleaned after each cleaning, it is necessary to clean the brushes, wash the wheels.


Vacuum cleaners with special nozzles

Among the standard models of vacuum cleaners, there are those that are equipped with universal attachments. They will perfectly cope with the fur of cats and dogs. Among the effective brushes are:

  • universal nozzle floor-carpet;
  • mechanical / electric turbo brush.

Vacuum cleaners with special nozzles

Nozzle floor-carpet is a standard and at the same time a universal addition to the vacuum cleaner. It is equipped with a foot switch, a pull-out brush. The retractable brush is good for cleaning parquet, laminate or linoleum, and for cleaning carpets the bristles are retracted inside, which makes effective cleaning of soft hairy surfaces. Such a nozzle may differ in the quality of the bristles, its width, the presence or absence of wheels.

Turbo brush is the most modern and effective nozzle, which was appreciated by all owners of fluffy pets.

Vacuum cleaner for cleaning wool with turbo-brush is able to eliminate pollution even where powerful analogs can not cope.

The turbo-brush is equipped with a special rotating roller which, during operation, is able to pick up and eliminate even the smallest villi. If you compare electric and mechanical turbo-brush, then it’s best to opt for electric, as it works much quieter, without reducing the suction speed, besides it can be used for any surfaces.

When choosing a vacuum cleaner to be used for wool cleaning, attention should be paid not only to the power of the household appliance, but also to its equipment. Brushes included in the kit can be very useful.


How to choose a vacuum cleaner for cleaning pet hair – Tips and guides for choosing household appliances and electrogics

  • Suction power – focus on the value of 300 aerovolt with an electric turbo-brush and 400 airwat with a mechanical turbo brush
  • Turbo brush – type and design
  • Filters – the presence of a filter type HEPA and several levels of filtration
  • Type of dust collector – preferably a container (cyclone type vacuum cleaners), since dust collector bags are difficult to clean from wool.
  • The quality of the vacuum cleaner for cleaning the wool depends essentially on the two most important characteristics – the suction power and the turbo brush.

Suction power – measured in aerovarovat (not to be confused with the W-power consumption of electricity). The greater the suction power, the more soiling can collect the vacuum cleaner, for example if you have a carpet with a long pile in your house, then I would recommend a suction power of 400 airwatts, 300 smooth airplanes for smooth and smooth surfaces.

As for the turbo brush, there are two types of operation of these attachments: the first option is mechanical (the roller is driven by a flow of air) and the second roller rotates by means of electric power (electric turbo brush).

Mechanical or electric turbo brush, which one to choose?

Choose a vacuum cleaner with a mechanical turbo brush if the pile of your carpets does not exceed 1 cm. Since in mechanical brushes the roller is driven by air flow, the efficiency of such a turbo brush directly depends on the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. A mechanical turbo brush reduces the suction efficiency by about 30%, so a vacuum cleaner with a mechanical turbo brush should have a suction power of at least 400 airwatts, consider this when choosing.

Why is it better to choose a vacuum cleaner with an electric turbo brush?

  • Electric turbo brush does not reduce suction power
  • Continues to work at the same speed with a heavily loaded dustbag
  • Suitable for all surfaces
  • For high-quality cleaning in vacuum cleaners with an electric turbo brush, sufficient suction power is 300 AER


How to choose the right vacuum cleaner for an apartment with animals

robot vacuum cleaner and cat

Many families with pets are thinking about how to choose a vacuum cleaner for an apartment with animals. For each family, the appearance of a pet in the house is a joy. But it is necessary to take into account that there will be more troubles. This applies not only to care for the furry pet, but also cleaning in the house, as more wool, dirt, dust accumulates, there are various spots. And it’s not always possible to clean them completely. If everyday wet cleaning causes great difficulties, and getting rid of villi does not always come out, then you need to choose a special vacuum cleaner that cope with the wool.

Type of cleaning

Before choosing any model of vacuum cleaners, you need to understand what specifically they will be used for. In addition, you will need to consider what kind of coverage is at the surface of the floor.

  • Dry cleaning. If there are no small children or people with diseases of the respiratory system in the house, it will be possible to use a vacuum cleaner that does dry cleaning. In this case, all dust and dust collects into the dust collector. Then it remains only to clean this container (bag or container). Such a device will cost much less than other options. In this case, you can have several nozzles with different configurations, which will help to clean various surfaces, even in the most inaccessible places.
  • Wet cleaning. If the house has fleecy carpets, especially in light colors, then it is best to choose washing vacuums. No nozzle from a conventional apparatus can cope with such a coating. Wet cleaning is necessary. If the family has children or animals, such a vacuum cleaner is best suited. But you need to consider that such equipment is not cheap. In addition, the device will take up a lot of space.
  • Combined option. For specific premises it is better to pick up a vacuum cleaner, which has a function of both wet and dry cleaning. For example, the options offered by K√§rcher (Karcher) are excellent. This brand offers a variety of models that focus specifically on combined cleaning. Thanks to such equipment, it will be possible to collect water, blowing it out of hard-to-reach places, remove dust not only on a smooth floor, but also fleecy carpets. But the cost of such equipment is quite high. But the vacuum cleaner with such multifunctionality will last a very long time, and cleaning will be most effective.


Features of the choice of vacuum cleaner

If you need to choose a vacuum cleaner for cleaning wool, then it is recommended to adhere to a number of rules. The main criteria are as follows:

  • Type of cleaning;
  • power;
  • filtration.

Vividness leaves behind a lot of dirt. And this applies not only to wool, but also to various stains. Because of this, it is better to choose such vacuum cleaners that have the function of wet cleaning. This will greatly facilitate the process of removing contaminants. In addition, the equipment must have special nozzles that will help to clean various types of surfaces: furniture, carpets, linoleum, windows, etc.

The key criterion for the choice is just the power of the equipment, since usually in the presence of animals in the house the pollution level is much higher. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner must be selected with a high power, so that it sucks in a different pile.

Typically, the suction power ranges from about 240-400 watts. But if you have to clean the carpets, where there are hairy four-legged friends, then this figure should be about 450 to 500 watts. To harvest animal hair this is the best option.

For apartments and houses where shaggy pets live, a special HEPA filter has been created. It detains all small particles of dirt and dust.
A model that has a water-based filter is considered fairly widespread. All substances are drawn by a vacuum cleaner and stored in a container that is filled with water. By the way, this option is also great for people who are addicted to an allergic reaction.



Dust collector type

It is necessary to pay attention not only to nozzles, brushes and filters, but also on where dust and dirt will accumulate. There are such basic types of capacities:

  1. Bag. This container can be used several times, if it is made of textiles. If it is paper, it can only be used once. This dust collector is considered the most familiar and cheap. But it also has disadvantages: fine dust is not well contained in the container, as it passes through the fibers of the material. But to clean each time the bag does not like anyone. With a paper version it will be easier – it needs to be thrown out immediately. But it is not always possible to purchase paper bags of the appropriate size.
  2. Container. This option is considered very reliable and convenient. To keep it clean, you only need to rinse and dry this container of plastic. The disadvantage is that the noise background will be higher due to the fact that the container is a resonator when dust is sucked. Models of vacuum cleaners with such containers at a price will be more expensive than those that have conventional bags.
  3. The water filter. For families with young children and people with allergies, this option is best suited, since dust will be collected through a special filter from the water. After such cleaning, there will always be fresh and moist air in the room. Dust, which becomes wet under the influence of water, accumulates in a special container. Next it will only be necessary to pour out the remains of the water along with the wool, dust and other mud.

Vacuum cleaner with or without a bag: which is better to choose
It is important to understand the choice of the brush. If an animal lives in the house, then the best option is a turbo-brush. It can already be immediately included in the vacuum cleaner. In addition, it can be purchased separately. Sometimes such a nozzle is called an electric brush due to a roller and an electric drive.

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