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Recliner Chairs: How to Recycle Old Decorative Accents into New Beauty

Instead of tossing out old items, transform them into one-of-a-kind decorative accents for your home. With some creativity, you can turn trash into unexpected treasure, making an eye-catching and shabby-chic statement for your home décor.

Old Picket Fence = Recliner Headboard

Turn an old section of picket fence into an attractive headboard for your recliner chair. Freshen up the fence section with a coat of paint in your favorite color; pastels or white are ideal to create a country-chic look, but you can use any color you like.

Once the paint dries, rub fine-grit sandpaper over the surface of the fence to remove some of the paint, creating a rustic look. Position the fence section where the head of your recliner will sit and screw it into place. Click for more ideas where you can find best recliner chairs here.

Used Picture Frame = Beautiful Message Board

While the broken glass in a picture frame may not be useful, the frame itself certainly is. To turn a picture frame into a message board, start by measuring the inside area of the frame – both the height and the width – and purchase a piece of corkboard that is equal to the dimensions (you can have cork board cut to size at your local home improvement store; just take your exact measurements with you.)

Turn the picture frame upside-down and apply hot glue along each of the sides of the frame. Position the frame onto the corkboard and press on it for a few minutes to form a bond between the frame, the hot glue and the corkboard.

Lean the picture frame message board against a wall or attach pre-packed picture frame hooks to the back of it to hang the board on a wall.

Broken Watering Can = Planter

Sure, a leaking watering can may not be suitable for watering your plants anymore, but it will sure look stylish as a planter. Use a 1/8-inch drill bit to drill three or four holes in the bottom of the watering can; these will serve as drain holes for the planter. Lastly, fill the watering can with potting soil and go ahead and plant your favorite annuals inside.

Empty Candle Jars = Candle Holders

Don’t throw out empty glass jars; turn them into colorful candle holders. If there are any labels on the jars, remove them and completely wash out the jars. If you find that there is glue from the labels stuck on the jars, soak them in warm soapy water to loosen the glue and rub it off with a clean cloth.

Paint the jars with glass paint in a color of your choice; you can paint the jars a solid color for an understated look, or use several colors to create a bold statement. Once the paint dries, set tea lights or votives inside the jars and the candlelight will reflect through the paint color.

Any type of jar is suitable for this project; pasta sauce, salsa, baby food or jelly jars, for example.

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